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Marriage can be defined as a holy procession where two souls unite, take an oath to care for each, and promise to stay together. People have defined marriages in thousands of ways which we can interpret in various contexts. Well, in India, a marriage is not limited to just two people forming a bond. It is much more than that. It is celebrated as a grand occasion which reunites the whole family and creates fond memories which we remember for a lifetime.

Marriage these days embarks upon the social prestige and dignity of a family. Then comes one of the most important parts of holding a marriage- serving the guests!

Sri Gajalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, is a humongous and elegant wedding venue ideal for the value-conscious patrons with a gigantic guest list. Embellished with Dravidian style intricate wall carvings, marble flooring, huge chandelier, inbuilt center stage, and plush seating arrangements will make it a visually appealing space for all your invitees. If you’re looking to replicate the idea of the ‘Big Fat Wedding’, it lends itself completely to turn your dream day into a reality.


Sri Gajalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam in Thiruverkadu is an air-conditioned hall with a seating capacity of 1000 and a floating capacity of 1500.

Sri Gajalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam, Chennai, offers fully-furnished and spacious rooms for accommodation purposes of your out of town guests. It has the perfect location and capacity to hold over a thousand invitees at the same time. The hall here has an on-site decor team who will take care of your requirements on your special day. Their team is professionally skilled to manage every minute detail and effortlessly handles all your requests. In terms of cuisine, the banquet offers vegetarian delicacies that leave your guests satiated. So plan your events at Sri Gajalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam, Velappanchavadi, Chennai, and make memories of a lifetime.


  1. Air-Conditioned hall with a seating capacity of 1000 and a hall floating capacity of 1500.
  2. A/C Dining Hall 250 Seating capacity at a time.
  3. Totally 11No.s of Air-conditioned rooms available with excellent facilities.
  4. Ample parking space available for Cars and bikes.
  5. High-end Generator back up for the event to function Seamlessly during a power cut.


Booking a good wedding hall means ensuring quality service for your guests. Sri Gajalakshmi Kalyana Mandapam provide you with the requirements that you need for an event to carry out successfully so that there are no quality issues.
This is what you expect from a place where you are going to arrange for a wedding.